Why the name “Grow or Die”?

“Grow or Die” isn’t just the name of the company.  It isn’t just a brand, but it’s our creed.  We roll with life’s punches but we also hit back. We don’t take days off. We are the trailblazers, the dreamers, and the unorthodox. One more rep, one more lap, and no retreat is our lifestyle. We recognize that in life there are only two options, two lifestyles, two choices that matter. There are those that grow, and there are those that die.  Which one are you? Continue Reading.

Whether you are a 250 lb. gym rat or a 65 year old cancer survivor, at some point you made a conscious decision that life would not defeat you.  You chose to GROW! We do not frequent the gym to hang out, to read the paper, or to pick up girls/guys.  We go there to help facilitate our physical and emotional growth, because if we do not, we die. We climb under the bar knowing that it’s going to be the iron or us.  We put that extra plate on the bar without instruction, and we embrace it.  That’s what G.O.D training is about. But Grow or Die is not just about training it’s a lifestyle, a belief, a code… It’s about self-induced change and forward progress; in the gym, but most importantly in life. We are life’s juggernauts.  When we get knocked down we get up, as we can’t and won’t be stopped!