Try Means Fail..

Try Means Fail...

I started to make a video blog but my phone ran out of memory as I was rambling on and on lol. The first issue I want to address is one that encompasses a lot of the issues some of you seem to be facing. As you can imagine, in 15 years of being a trainer, I've trained almost every specific population so your current situation isn't new to me.

I'm going to tell a quick story of two clients. Client A and Client B have the exact same circumstances. They both work, both need to lose a significant amount of weight, and they both have family obligations. Client A is consistently in the gym, gets most of her dieting in, and some how finds the time to take care of her family. Client B constantly misses meals, skips workouts, and isn't hitting any of her goals. How is this possible? How can two people with the EXACT same circumstances have exactly opposite results?

I'll tell you how. Client A has a Why. Why do you do what you do? It's so important to have a Why. For me, my Why is that I saw my father have a heart attack at a young age. The fear of having a heart attack and leaving my little boy in this crazy world without his dad drives me. It moves me. That Why is my reason for staying healthy.

Client B doesn't have a Why. She wants to lose weight because she feels she is "supposed" to do so. Maybe she feels bad, embarrassed, ashamed, etc. That's not enough to to keep client B consistently in the gym and it never ever will be. This client will ALWAYS fail. She will always fail because she is waiting on some magical unicorn named Motivation to pick her up and take her to the gym and do the work out for her. She is waiting on this unicorn to cook her food, babysit her kids, do cardio for her etc. Let me tell you something about motivation. It's fleeting. It comes and goes like the weather. Client A has realized that working out is the equivalent to brushing her teeth, going to work, holding her kid's hand when crossing the street etc. Its not optional because she realizes there are serious consequences if she doesn't. Diabetes is real to her, heart disease is real to her, and setting an example for her kids is real to her.

Client B seems to always have an excuse as to why she can't get to the gym. I'm too tired, I'm taking time away from my family, It's hot outside, I don't feel like it etc. Client B will always put their health on the sliding priority scale that is governed by their emotions. I'll tell you this. At the end of your "feelings" is NOTHING, but at the end of every principal is a promise. That is the difference between Client A and Client B. Client A says these are my principles and priorities and I manage them accordingly regardless of my feelings. Client B does the exact opposite.

In conclusion, only you know which client you align with at this time. If you feel like client B, I challenge you today, right now, to think about your Why. Why do you want to lose weight? What's the real motivation behind it? I challenge you to write it down and send it to me. If you find yourself never getting anywhere with your weight loss journey, I'm telling you it has nothing to do with your circumstance but everything to do with you not making the sacrifice. Making the appropriate changes to you lifestyle possibly taking time away from your family is an excuse. Not having enough time to meal prep is an excuse. Not having a sense of urgency is an excuse. Being too tired after work is an excuse. Do you see where I am going? I'll leave you with this. The time to get healthy is now, not next week or next year. Who promised any of us tomorrow? Stop taking time for granted. You are killing time by doing nothing and and at some point time will kill you.

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